The ultimate women’s surf coaching where you will feel more capable, strong and confident in your surfing. This coaching will be focussing on surf technique, understanding the ocean and reconnecting with ourselves. Head coach Gee Cormack will be giving you her secret tips on what makes a successful female soul surfer.

Group A & B will have 2 days of coaching.

Group C will be just one day.

All Groups are invited to a meet and greet drinks on 30th March at 8pm. Venue TBA.

For group A & B, In 2 days, the coaching will include:

  • 4 x surf sessions
  • 2 x surfing on land session
  • 2 x video filming and technique analysis
  • 1 x surf stretch & core strengthening
  • Ocean Wellbeing chat with Gee

There are 3 established surf groups:

Surf Group A – Beginner – Intermediate.

Conquered standing in whitewash all the way to the shore and is progressing to catching green waves. Can catch green wave and go along and sometimes surf one or both ways.

Surf Group B – Intermediate – Advanced Level.

Can Surf along a green face wave, starting to do turns in both directions and create speed by pumping down the line. Can sometimes turn both ways on one wave.

Surf Group C – Absolute Beginner Level.

Has never really surfed before. Catching whitewash and practicing stand up technique.

From every aspect the trip empowered me and cleared doubt that I had and not only about my surfing ability. I loved going for a surf after we did the smoothstar training and watching the video analysis both were unbelievbly beneficial. Having Gee and Pam out in the water with us was absolutely priceless. Can’t wait to do it again.

I got so much out of the coaching – to surf, go through the video analysis, hop on the smooth star for land training and then take it back to the water to bring it all together – unreal!!! At home there are too many distractions, getting away is the way to go! The coaching was individualised, yet you could take away something from watching others.

Such an amazing experience to improve your surfing and connection to the ocean! Also incredbible to spend it with other women who are so supportive of each other and have the same passion for surfing.

Gee Cormack
Women’s specialised Surf Coach & mother of 2 girls.

Key Facts

Date: 30th March – 4th April 2017
Surfing Level Required: Beginner – Intermediate
Location: Merimbula, NSW (South Coast)
Accommodation: You will need to arrange your own accommodation or contact Peta Lehoczky
Surf Coaches: Gee Cormack
Cost  Surf Group A & B: $499 (accommodation not included)
Cost  Surf Group C: $250 (accommodation not included)
Food: not included.
Booking Details: Limited spots available. Book your spot by bank transfer.
Bank Details:
Name: Chix Surf School
BSB – 062 197
Account – 10887300

“This is a personal soul surf trip where you will learn the fundamentals of how to live, breath and sleep surfing.”

Merimbula Surf Camp

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