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Kelli graduated from Macquarie University with a Masters in Chiropractic in 2007. She has been working, living and enjoying the Northern Beaches since her university days. Originally Kelli studied Physical Education (majoring in Psychology). With a sporting background, the importance of health and the ability to function and perform optimally has always been paramount for Kelli.

Kelli focuses on individual functional health and wellness, and wants to help people achieve this through a broad range of chiropractic care.


Still Stoked

Still Stoked

Still Stoked is one of the best websites for women who surf, with a tonne of surf-specific travel, progression, and inspirational content. Described as a ‘froth fest for chicks’, the website was started by Freshwater local surfer and snowboard professional Alexa Hohenberg, in 2008 with the mission to tell the strong female-inspired stories she wished were available when she was younger.    

Alexa believes it is ‘hard to be what you can’t see’, so Still Stoked is a place for women to tell their stories, to make sure the next generation have access to inspiring, real and authentic adventure content that is for women, by women.

Subscribe to The Still Stoked Tribe for regular email updates or head on over to their YouTube channel for a whole load of awesome surf content, reviews and travel stories.

9 Bar Coffee

9 Bar Coffee

9 Bar Coffee is a premium coffee brand established in 2004 and is family owned and run. Roasted locally on Sydney’s Northern Beaches all our coffee beans are vacuum packed and nitrogen gas flushed for maximum freshness. We also build and sell high quality espresso machines.

If you love coffee, you’ll love 9Bar.

Corduroy Wines

Corduroy Wines

It’s not just about making wine, it’s about making seriously good wine…..The evolution of Corduroy Wines has always has always been Phil and Eliza Lemessurier’s so called love child. Starting in 2009 as a small side project, Corduroy has now developed into a boutique and respected wine brand produced out of the beloved Adelaide Hills in South Australia. Corduroy Wines takes its name from a love affair with the ocean, the ‘Corduroy Lines’, a series of clean and balanced waves moving from horizon to shore – a pure gift of mother nature.

If you order through the Corduroy website and pop the code “CHIX20” you will receive a discount as a thank you gift from them.

Coco Chocolate

CoCo Chocolate and the Sydney Chocolate School

Coco Chocolate is handmade, organic, real chocolate made with 100% cacao butter. Rebecca, a Chix school surfer, trained originally in France and now heads her team with a boutique store in Kirribilli, nationwide in David Jones and runs classes and parties at the harbourside Sydney Chocolate School at Middle Head. Rebecca has collaborated on bespoke chocolate with Sarah Wilson for I Quit Sugar, Giovanni Pilu for Pilu Freshwater, Campos Coffee, Harvey Nichols UK and Wendy Whietley for the Art Gallery of NSW and even hosted Adele’s private chocolate party when on tour! We hope to warmly welcome you..

Use code “chix” at checkout and enjoy 10% off your order.



Liquido is designed to inspire you to be bold, be beautiful and be anything but boring! The bold, vibrant prints express Liquido’s core philosophy of standing out, in taking the road less traveled and pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone. New limited-edition patterns are released every month and loyal fans keep a watchful eye on the new releases in order to scoop up the newest collections before they sell out.

Liquido’s buttery-soft, fast-drying, totally breathable, bold, print leggings. Oh, did I mention they also provide UVA/UVB protection? They do, which makes Liquido not only great for your favourite yoga, gym or boutique fitness class, but also for outdoor activities like running, hiking or even stand up paddle boarding!

Also, we are committed to being more sustainable, by using fewer materials that harm our environment. For a start, the small details are being rethought and replaced. Our new packaging stickers are printed using soy-based ink, which is environmentally friendly, and recyclable. In addition, we replaced the traditional plastic covering with kraft paper, which is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Our latest technology is fabric called Amni-Soul Eco, biodegradable , that enables garments to quickly decompose when they are discarded in landfills.



Tested daily by surfers all over the world

SurfPaints are paint pens for surfboards. Made with the right ingredients to ensure guaranteed adhesion to fibreglass surfboards. SurfPaints are about encouraging the everyday surfer of all ages, skill level and artistic ability to get creative and make it their own.

Check our their Instagram page for customer designs uploaded daily. Get inspired and make it your own!

Use code “CHIX” at checkout and enjoy 20% off your order.

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