The Indulge Clinic – 2021

Starts: 9 May 2021

The Indulge Clinic – 2021

An amazing 1 day event like no other... Surfing, Chocolate making, Wine tasting, learning about your surfing technique with video analysis and some amazing food to go with it. Could you ask for a better way to spend you?

Clinic Duration:

1 day

Clinic Location:

North Curl Curl Beach

Best Suitable For:

All Abilities

Overnight Stays:


Designed for:


Clinic Session Times:

7.30am - 4.30pm

About The Clinic

Suitable for:

Beginner - must have surfed a few times before
Intermediate - learning to do turns
Advanced - wanting to become faster and more vertical

If you ask most women what makes then truly happy what do you think they would say?? Yep we have done the unthinkable and this is a clinic that no woman should miss out on because it has all the things we love wrapped into 1 amazing day.

Surfing, Chocolate and……. Wine!

A clinic that is all about the pure happiness of life with a morning spent in the ocean catching beautiful waves and being educated on surf technique and how to improve your time in the water when riding waves, a midday spent making amazing chocolate at the incredible CoCo Sydney Chocolate School and an afternoon spent wine tasting, learning about the local and amazing Corduroy Wines whilst looking through all the surfing footage from the morning and having head coach Gee Cormack breaking it all down so you are able to really understand your surfing and how to improve.

This event is the first of its kind and a must do event with Chix Surf School partnering up with some of their favourite sponsors to share the enjoyment of surfing, chocolate and wine for all the women in their surfing community.

We will also be providing beautiful food by Ruby Lane and Frenchy’s Cafe so your tummies will be well fed between activities to keep that smile on the dial.

Gee, Julia and Millie go way beyond being surf coaches...

When I first started lessons with the girls, I'd never been on a board and had a lifelong fear of the water. The patience and the perseverance of the team however, means that 18 months on, while the fear is ever present, my love of the ocean and being on a board has grown exponentially. Every time I'm in the water with these ladies I am thankful for the incredible knowledge, guidance, support and passion they share. My coaching is not an easy case, but the Chix team never fail to deliver on understanding and compassion, which makes my journey far easier to tread!

Jennifer Jamieson


The Indulge Clinic – 2021

Location: North Curl Curl Beach
This Clinic is best suited to:

Beginner - must have surfed a few times before
Intermediate - learning to do turns
Advanced - wanting to become faster and more vertical

Start Date: 9 May 2021
End Date: 9 May, 2021
Price: $380


1 x 2hr Surf Session.

1 x Breakfast.

1 x Chocolate class (take home Chocolate)

1 x Wine tasting (plus a bottle to share)

1 x Afternoon nibblies.

1 x 2hr Video Analysis session

Your Coaches

Gee Cormack

Gee Cormack

Owner/Founder - Chix Surf School

Hi, my name is Gee Cormack  founder/ owner & head coach here at Chix Surf School and can I just say a quick Thank You for checking out the site!

As we are a school that works very closely with our clients getting them to their dream surfing ability through teaching them to understand fear, breaking down technique and empowering through progression it is important to get to know our coaches and how we fell in love with surfing and helping other women surf.



Beginner/Longboard Coach

Hello everyone! my name is Erica, I was born and raised in an Argentine coastal city called Miramar.

I love surfing and contact with the sea. It is the place where I spend most of my time and I would not change it for anything! It brings out the best in me, in the Ocean I am happy. Surfing my longboard is like dancing on the waves! I love working with a group of women, inspiring them to surf, breaking the fear and above all having fun. Creating a positive, warm and friendly environment: a very feminine unique characteristic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be over 18yrs to participate in this clinic?

Yes you do have to be over 18yrs for this clinic as there will be wine tasting which is part of the activities of the day so no one under 18yrs are able to join unfortunately.

What if i can't eat the food on the breakfast list?

We do have an amazing range of foods for breakfast and we are partnered up with Ruby Land which is a wholefoods organic cafe with many options for all dietary needs but if there is something specific you need which we don't provide we are more than happy for you to bring it along with you on the day.

Do we get to keep the footage from the video analysis session?

Yes you sure do. All the footage that is taken from the surf session is sent to you via a link so you are able to watch over it all over and over again to remind you of what things you need to work on. It is just the raw footage and will be sent to you after the clinic is finished.

Do I need to have my own surfboard and wetsuit?

It is always good to bring your own equipment for the event so that we can help guide you on how to ride your board better but we are happy to provide you with one of our progression boards if you are looking at trying something new.

Do we need to bring our own ingredients for the chocolate session?

No you don't need to bring anything for the chocolate making session as the amazing team at CoCo Chocolate school will provide all that we need for the event and we get to take home what we make at the end.

What if I don't have my own car, how do i get from one location to the other?

We always have an amazing group of ladies coming along to each clinic so we are sure within the group there will be plenty of car space for everyone. Carpooling is always the best in these sorts of situations.


Warriewood beach is a perfect little hide away located up the northern beaches at the southern end of Mon Vale beach.


Freshwater Beach is our most Southern beach on the stretch of the Northern Beaches right next to Manly Beach.

Curl Curl

Curl Curl is the next beach north of Freshwater on the stretch of the Northern Beaches & offers great intermediate waves.

Mona Vale

Mona Vale Beach is also on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney and is the next beach north of Warriewood Beach.

About Us

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