Surf & SmoothStar

Starts: 23 Jan 2022

Surf & SmoothStar

An amazing 3 day Clinic focusing on surf progression for young girls who are keen to learn more. With morning surfing & afternoon On Land SmoothStar training the girls will walk away from this clinic wanting more...

Clinic Duration:

3 Days

Clinic Location:

North Curl Curl Beach

Best Suitable For:

Beginner / Intermediate

Overnight Stays:


Designed for:


Clinic Session Times:

10am - 3pm

About The Clinic

Suitable for:

Suitable for beginner to intermediate surfers.

School holiday Surf & SmoothStar Clinic 2022 – No matter what level of surfer you are there are always so many elements to your progression.

During our 3 day clinics we will be breaking down each stage of surfing and reading the ocean so that our students have a clear understanding of what our bodies need to do to be able to ride a wave with flow, power and control.  They will be able to break down sand banks, understand swell direction, see the different types of winds and tides and be able to visualise riding a wave.  Through education we allow girls to feel more confident and positive in the water and this allows them to progress in a fun and encouraging way.

We have limited spots available for our 3 day clinics so make sure your get your daughters name down before we book out. Only 16 spots available !!!!!!

Young & Teen 8-15yrs: 23rd-25th Jan 2022. 10am-3pm

To book into one of these clinics please click the CHECK AVAILABILITY and select the required clinic for your daughter.

Chix Surf School is simply AMAZING.  My daughter has had lessons and has been attending the holiday clinics since the very beginning, she wouldn’t dare miss one.  The surf coaching is second to none but Chix is so much more than a Surf School.

Aside from the brilliant technical instruction, the warm, fun and welcoming Chix coaches, led by the incredibly talented Gee, teach their students to read and understand the ocean, to learn how their bodies move and can adapt in the water, they instil confidence in girls and women in a way no other surf school does.

This is a surf school that offers so much more to females than any other.  It is a community who love the ocean, offer brilliant coaching, incredible support and Gee always has the most beautiful team.  My daughter has been so lucky to have been part of Chix for years, learning about the ocean, learning new skills and learning about herself.  We are very lucky to have Gee and Chix Surf School on the Northern Beaches!

Leona Scott

New South Wales

Surf & SmoothStar

Location: North Curl Curl Beach
This Clinic is best suited to:

Suitable for beginner to intermediate surfers.

Start Date: 23 Jan 2022
End Date: 25 Jan, 2022
Price: $400


We provide all equipment needed for those girls who don’t have any. However, food is not included.

Your Coaches



Coach specialising in Beg / Int Surfing

Hi Everyone!

My name is Millie and I am a Chix Surf School Coach specialising in Beginner/Intermediate surfing.

I started surfing when I was 13 years old (I am 28 now) in a little town in Argentina. One day my brothers started shaping surfboards and opened a surf school, where I began teaching. After coaching for a couple of years, I came to the realisation that I love to see people smiling, feeling challenged but having heaps of fun, connecting with nature and following the dream of riding eternal waves.

Luciana Ceballos

Luciana Ceballos

Beginner Coach

Hello everybody,

My name is Luciana and I am one of the beginner coaches for Chix Surf School. I fell in love of surfing, the connection that it gives me with nature and the way that it makes me feel. It’s freedom, the fun, the adventure and the fitness.
There is something particularly special about riding a piece of energy that has been produced by the ocean.
I’m so happy to be part of a group of women inspiring this feeling.

See you out there!



Beginner/Longboard Coach

Hello everyone!

My name is Erica, I was born and raised in an Argentine coastal city called Miramar.

I love surfing and contact with the sea. It is the place where I spend most of my time and I would not change it for anything! It brings out the best in me, in the Ocean I am happy. Surfing my longboard is like dancing on the waves! I love working with a group of women, inspiring them to surf, breaking the fear and above all having fun. Creating a positive, warm and friendly environment: a very feminine unique characteristic.

Micaela Frachia

Micaela Frachia

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Hi everybody!

I am Micaela, I have been traveling around the world almost for 6 years and I started to venture into the surfing world and i fell in love with it! i became so passionate about the ocean and the waves and the connection with nature. In my last 3 years i have been putting all my focus and energy in improving every day and spending as much time as possible in the water. I am so excited to be working with Chix Surf School helping the beginner students progress and learn to love the ocean as much as i do. Surfing changed my life! the ocean, my board and myself, it is my meditation and my happiness. For this reason, I am very happy to be part of Chix and to be able to share my passion with all women who want to discover this world, encouraging and motivating them to learn and have a great time in the ocean.

See you in the water soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

My child has never surfer before, will the holiday program cater to all abilities?

The holiday program is for all girls of all surfing levels, as long as your child has a basic understanding of waves and feels confident and is independent in the ocean then we will be able to cater to their level.

Are Surf Lessons included?

Each day during the surf session the girls will learn a new element to their surfing. Whether it be fine-tuning their pop up, different paddle techniques, breath control, reading the waves or learning maneuvers the girls will walk away with a much greater understanding of their surfing.

Will I learn to read the Ocean?

Being able to read the ocean and understand the patterns of the waves is something that takes years to learn. In our clinics we teach our girls that surfing is 50% technique and 50% reading the ocean. Throughout each session we teach the girls the basic elements to reading the waves.

What is SmoothStar Training?

Each day during the On Land training the girls will learn all about surf technique and breaking down the different sections of wavers. Weather it be foot positioning, generating controlled speed, learning to do turns or understanding body movement these girls will learn new tricks that will instantly show in the water.


Warriewood beach is a perfect little hide away located up the northern beaches at the southern end of Mon Vale beach.


Freshwater Beach is our most Southern beach on the stretch of the Northern Beaches right next to Manly Beach.

Curl Curl

Curl Curl is the next beach north of Freshwater on the stretch of the Northern Beaches & offers great intermediate waves.

Mona Vale

Mona Vale Beach is also on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney and is the next beach north of Warriewood Beach.

About Us

Chix Clinic Victoria 2021

Chix Clinic Victoria 2021

Location: Ocean Grove Beach, 13th Beach Victoria

Suitable for: Adults

Price: $350.00

Ability Level: All Abilities

Summary: 2x 1 day event helping you progress with your surfing using surf education, video analysis & On Land SmoothStar training. March 20th: Intermediate - Advanced Surfers March 21st: High Beginner - Low Intermediate Surfers

Start Date: 20 Mar 2021

Length of Clinic: 1 day

Surf & Movement

Surf & Movement

Location: North Curl Curl Beach

Suitable for: Adults

Price: $350.00

Ability Level: Intermediate / Advanced

Summary: A 1 day event designed to get you progressing with your surfing through the education of surf technique & moving better in and out of the water through understanding body movement.

Start Date: 7 Feb 2021

Length of Clinic: 1 day

The Indulge Clinic – 2021

The Indulge Clinic – 2021

Location: North Curl Curl Beach

Suitable for: Adults

Price: $380

Ability Level: All Abilities

Summary: An amazing 1 day event like no other... Surfing, Chocolate making, Wine tasting, learning about your surfing technique with video analysis and some amazing food to go with it. Could you ask for a better way to spend you?

Start Date: 9 May 2021

Length of Clinic: 1 day

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