Palm Beach

Palm Beach is our most northern beach and is renowned for its' beauty and its' fun waves.

Palm Beach

Palm Beach is our most northern beach and is renowned for its’ beauty and its’ fun waves.

For beginner to advanced surfer this beach offers a variety of waves as at the northern end is a great left hander off the headland, which provides a fast, fun wave to play on. This beach offers a lot of space, uncrowded, great waves, nature all around the beach and amazing scenery which is what makes Palm Beach so beautiful and a great place to surf where you feel like you have really stepped out of Sydney without having to travel far.

Locations change throughout the week so our students are in the best conditions for their level so if you want to book into this location specifically please email us for details.



How to Find Us

Palm Beach is our most Northern Beach that Chix Surf School operates off. As it is a fun, uncrowded wave it is a great spot to improve your surfing.

When you get to Manly keep following Pittwater Road until you get to the split at Mona Vale and take the right onto Barrenjoey Road. Follow Barrenjoey Road until it brings you into Newport, through the bends, past Avalon and through to the end of the road. Once you have reached the most Northern point of the Northern Beaches drive you have reached Palm Beach. Meeting Spot is at the beginning of the Northern car park next to the entrance to the beach.


Warriewood beach is a perfect little hide away located up the northern beaches at the southern end of Mon Vale beach.


Freshwater Beach is our most Southern beach on the stretch of the Northern Beaches right next to Manly Beach.

Curl Curl

Curl Curl is the next beach north of Freshwater on the stretch of the Northern Beaches & offers great intermediate waves.

Mona Vale

Mona Vale Beach is also on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney and is the next beach north of Warriewood Beach.

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