8 Week Body Movement Training

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced
At Chix Surf School we believe that to reach your ultimate goals with your surfing whether it be ripping on a shortboard, gliding on a longboard or just having fun in the whitewash on a foamie; you need to understand what your body needs to do in the water so that you are not only getting more waves but riding them for longer.

So we have put together an 8-week program aimed at teaching you how to be more controlled, flexible and body aware when moving in the water on your surfboard.

Using equipment that is solely based on helping your surf technique, you will learn how to connect your upper and lower body; and isolate different body parts to gain a better understanding of rotation and board control.

These programs are fun, educational and cater for surfers of any level. If you are out there on a board then you will benefit from this body movement program.

These programs also allow you to meet other like-minded women who love to surf and are part of the surfing community.

The 8-week program includes:

  • 3 x Body movement sessions
  • 3 x Smooth Star sessions
  • 2 x pool sessions

Each group is a maximum of 10

To book into one of this body movement program, please email us at info@chixsurfschool.com.au

I have never skated or been on a SmoothStar before, is that going to be a problem?
If you have never been on a SmoothStar or a skateboard before that wont be a problem at all as we will show you the correct way to ride a SmoothStar and if you have ridden a skateboard this wont give you an advantage either as a SmoothStar is a Surf Trainer not a skateboard so it is ridden in a completely different way.
I am a beginner surfer, will I benefit from these classes?
Yes! All levels are catered for and adjusted depending on each person’s fitness and surfing level.
Does this cater for all fitness levels?
Yes, you can do all activities at your own pace and we can adjust them according to your abilities.
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