Have you ever wondered what you really do when you do your ‘pop up’ or where your feet end up once you are standing on your board about to take that drop? Do you feel you don’t have consistency when you stand up on your board? Well, this video might help answer some of those questions.

Head coach and founder of Chix Surf School Gee Cormack has over 10 years of coaching experience and has seen many different ways of teaching how to do the ‘pop up’ She has also heard many different problems people face when trying to conquer the pop-up. One of the most common problems found was finding consistency when getting to their feet. People come to Gee to try the 3 step stand up and have found better results and a better understanding of what their feet need to do when trying to stand on their board.

This video allows Gee to give us a breakdown of how to do the 3 step stand up on your surfboard correctly so you do it the same way every time.

One of the fundamental skills you need to have when surfing is being able to get to your feet in a fast, smooth and controlled motion. This is essential to enable the board to keep up with the wave and glide in the water. If your feet are not in the right position the board will struggle to connect with the wave. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced surfer, if you are not getting to your feet correctly, you will always have problems trying to either take a steep drop, ride across the wave or just hold your positions so that the board stays flat in the whitewash.

When learning/ practicing the ‘3 Step Standup’ it is important that you do each step correctly so starting from the beginning.

  1. Make sure you are lying straight on the board with your feet together and chest high.
  2. Your paddle needs to be controlled with minimal rocking.
  3. When pushing up place your thumbs to your chest and push up locking your elbows so your arms are straight.
  4. Whilst keeping your head looking straight ahead, slide your back foot just above your knee at 90 degrees
  5. Then slide your front foot through to in between your hands at a 45-degree angle
  6. Once you feel stable and controlled rise up to your surfing position with your knees bent, your back straight and your arms in position.

And there you have it ladies, the ‘3 Step Standup’.