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Video Analysis Training

If you are a surfer that is passionate about wanting to progress then this type of session is for you. Our video analysis sessions allow you to not only see what you are doing wrong but also have a high performance coach do a full break down of each

About Our Video Analysis Training

Booking via appointment – contact us via email to book in a time:

With high performance coach Gee Cormack guiding you through the session you will be able to go home with all the footage from the day and with a voice over on each wave so you can repetitively watch and listen over and over again to help you next time you go surfing.

These sessions are for surfers who are competent in the water and independent as the coach DOES NOT go in the water with you as she is on the beach filming. This type of training is not for an introduction class so the surfer might be high beginner and up.

Starting at $150 for a one2one session. For price information for more than 1 surfer please email us

Your Coaches

Gee Cormack

Gee Cormack

Owner/Founder - Chix Surf School

Hi, my name is Gee Cormack  founder/ owner & head coach here at Chix Surf School and can I just say a quick Thank You for checking out the site!

As we are a school that works very closely with our clients getting them to their dream surfing ability through teaching them to understand fear, breaking down technique and empowering through progression it is important to get to know our coaches and how we fell in love with surfing and helping other women surf.


  • One to one coaching
  • Taught by friendly, hand-picked local and international surf coaches
  • Covers all the basics: from warm-up, to paddling, to catching waves and standing
  • Includes important surf and safety rules
  • Relaxed, supportive vibe
  • Professional and well organised
  • Massive fun!

Things To Bring:

You don’t really need to bring much to your surf lesson, but try to remember the following items:

  • Swimwear
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Drinking water
  • Warm clothes
  • A HUGE smile!!….


We will provide you with the following when you arrive for your lesson:

Video camera

Surfboard (if needed)

Wetsuit (if needed)


Professional Instruction from our experienced surf coaches

About Us

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