Owner & Founder/ high performance coach of Chix Surf School | Head Coach specialising in beginner/ intermediate, Advance & Professional Surfing. Leading international SmoothStar coach.

Hi, my name is Gee Cormack  founder/ owner & head coach here at Chix Surf School and can I just say a quick Thank You for checking out the site!

As we are a school that works very closely with our clients getting them to their dream surfing ability through teaching them to understand fear, breaking down technique and empowering through progression it is important to get to know our coaches and how we fell in love with surfing and helping other women surf.

A little background about me:  I have been surfing since I can remember, since I was a little kid getting in the water before and after school with my big brother. I was also a nippers kid so learning about everything the ocean had to offer was what we loved to do most.

I moved away from the ocean at a young age for about 10 years following my other dream which was snowboarding, i trained and travelled with the Australian Snowboarding Olympic Development team which was such an amazing time in my life and it taught me so much about focus, discipline, independence, courage, fun, adventure and one of the most important things, I learnt was to believe in myself and what i was capable of achieving. These things I will carry with me through my life and I am so thankful for that time and that adventure.

After I retired (due to injury) I had to learn to believe in my body again and heading back to the ocean was where i had to be. I got my surf stoke again so I went to Bali on a girls surf trip and…. Never left, well not for 9 years. There I fell in love with the sport again and my whole world became about the waves and the journey. I was coming and going from Australia and Bali coaching and competing and meeting so many girls who were falling in love with the surfing life as well. I moved to a very small village up the north west coast and would spend 8 months there and the rest in Australia on the south coast running a surf camp and building up my coaching skills,

After many years of teaching I have been able to bring my past skills from my snowboarding days into the way I coach surfing. Using the tools my old coaches used and creating a new holistic way of allowing people to really connect with the water when they are out there.  I would always get women coming up to me saying how they loved having a female instructor and how they felt more comfortable and free with me in the water and it made me realise what is missing in the surf industry, a women’s only surf school.  So here it is, a progressive surf school where it’s not just about being on a board or riding the biggest wave. It’s about the feeling surfing gives you, the joy and freedom of dancing with the waves, it’s about learning to give in to the ocean and connect.

I want to show people what surfing has given me in my life and use my skills and passion for the ocean to allow other women of all ages and abilities to fall in love with it too.  Gee Xx



Coach specialising in Beginner/Intermediate Surfing

Hi Everyone! My name is Millie and I am a Chix Surf School Coach specialising in Beginner/Intermediate surfing.

I started surfing when I was 13 years old (I am 28 now) in a little town in Argentina. One day my brothers started shaping surfboards and opened a surf school, where I began teaching. After coaching for a couple of years, I came to the realisation that I love to see people smiling, feeling challenged but having heaps of fun, connecting with nature and following the dream of riding eternal waves.

When I was 20 I decided to do a surf trip to Brazil, where I lived for one year. I spent lots of time by myself in the ocean, surfing a lot of new places I had never been to before. Every new beach I went out surfing was like diving into a different corner of my soul! I ended up understanding so much about my self, my rhythm, my weaknesses and my strengths; and since then, the ocean has been my place to be. It is where I  deeply connect to myself and feel filled with gratitude and confidence. I am super excited to go on this journey with you!

It has been 5 years since I came to live in Australia and I am super stoked to call this place HOME. I am also so stoked to be part of a school like Chix Surf School, that provides all the fundamentals for women’s wellbeing and feels surfing the way I do!

With joy!
Millie xx



Admin / Pilates Instructor / Surf Coach

Hi, my name is Juliana who looks after Admin, Pilates Instructor and Surf Coach here at Chix Surf School

I have been surfing consistently for over 10 years. I have had a few attempts before that, but I did not stick to it until my husband surprised me with a surfboard for Xmas, which wasn’t even what I asked for. I then thought “I’d better learn how to use it”, and I got completely hooked! These days I surf way more often than him. Surfing has really changed my life for the better. It helps me to be a better mum for my two children, a better wife for my husband, a happier woman! It keeps me in a good mind space.
Apart from surfing, I am a fully qualified Pilates teacher through Polestar Pilates. I also have a diploma in Fitness, Level 3 Registered Trainer with Fitness Australia, certifications in Pre and Post-Natal, Nutrition, Fitness for Children and Adolescents, Aqua, Myofascial release, Kettlebell, Boxing, and I also have a Bachelor Degree in Chemistry. I am passionate about helping people to feel better physically and mentally through exercise, movement and surfing!
Originally from Brazil, I have been in this amazing country Down Under for over 13 years. I surf everyday usually at dawn before my kids wake up. Surf is just like coffee to me, I need them both to be able to do things!


Coach specialising in Beginner/Intermediate Surfing

Kia ora everyone! My name is Julia and I am a Chix Surf School Coach who specialises in Beginner/Intermediate surf lessons.

I grew up surfing alongside my Dad in the vibrant seaside town of Raglan, the surfing hub of New Zealand’s North Island and blessed with beautiful left hand point breaks.

Ever since I was young, I have always felt a special connection with the ocean. Surfing allows me to connect with nature in its purest form and express myself in a way that I haven’t encountered in any other sport.

The person who has had the biggest influence on my surfing is definitely my Dad. He has been on the sidelines for some of the best waves of my life or right beside me pulling on his own wetsuit before a freezing surf session in the middle of winter.

The bond we’ve created through surfing is something I will always hold really close to my heart.

When I was 17, I moved to South America and worked as a surf coach in the capital of Peru in Lima’s coastal Miraflores. It was there I combined my love of surfing with the Spanish language and had the opportunity to share my passion for surfing with people from all walks of life. Since then, I have coached in various regions around New Zealand and worked as a Head Surf Coach in New Zealand’s Far North.

Chix is passionate about getting people back to the core values of surfing and teaching others how to use the ocean as a form of individual expression. Being able to empower women through the art of surfing is an absolute privilege and one I hope I can share with you.

See you in the water soon,

Julia xxx



Coach specialising in Beginner and Longboard surfing

Hi everyone ! My name’s Amy and I’m a coach at Chix surf school specialising in beginner surfing and intermediate long-boarding. 

I’ve grown up on the northern beaches and have spent a lot of time (maybe too much !) in the ocean. My dad taught me to surf when I was 6 years old and I always enjoyed playing in the sea with him. As I grew older, I became much more fascinated with the sport as well as found the ocean to be extremely helpful in helping me cope with the pressures of growing up. 

Last year I spent my time surf coaching in a little town in Cornwall, England. I absolutely loved every second of it and not once did it feel like a minute of work. I found I received equal, if not more, amount of joy watching people catch a great wave or conquer a fear.  I’m super excited to be working with Gee and Chix surf school encouraging women to experience the joys of surfing and the incredible powers of the ocean. I look forward to seeing you out in the water !! 

Amy xxxx


Coach specialising in assisting with Beginner Surfing & Beginner On Land training.

Hi everyone! My name is Emily, and I am a coach at Chix Surf School specialising in beginner surfing and beginner On Land training coaching.

I was introduced to the ocean as a kid growing up around the beaches, and participating in nippers. I absolutely loved surfing and playing around with my brothers in the ocean, from when I was a toddler to now. It is, and has always been, a place that calms and grounds me, as well as challenges me, but it never fails to put a smile on my face. 


I started with Gee as a student 4 years ago during high school, looking to reconnect with the ocean and surfing, as well as using it as a release from the stresses of studying and HSC. I instantly fell in the love with the ethos of Chix Surf School, and benefitted from the guidance Gee provided me in the water, including her ideas of ocean therapy. Having someone by your side in the water encouraging you to push yourself and with a shared passion for the ocean is amazing, and that’s what Gee gave me, as does every coach at Chix.

I can’t explain the excitement I get out of seeing the absolute joy on someone’s face when they stand up on a wave or master a new manoeuvre on the SmoothStar. I’m lucky to be able to work in the water, my favourite environment, and help others share the experience!