Young Girls Surfing Lessons

Surfing Lessons for young girls aged 8-14 years

What better way to enjoy time with your girlfriends then to share the experience of surfing. Whether your beginner to advanced and just want a buddy to surf with these lessons are awesome.

Young girls lessons are all about putting together a group of girls who are similar ages and surfing abilities so they can go out there, have fun and learn something new.


What you will learn

  • The correct technique of standing up.
  • Controlled paddling and timing.
  • Reading and catching waves.
  • How to turn and generate speed
  • Riding whitewash and/ or unbroken waves


Standard:  $70

After school Lessons:  $55

I'm not a very strong swimmer...can I learn to surf?
These lessons are for girls of all swimming levels, as long as you have a basic understanding of the water and you are able to stay afloat then these lessons are for you.
I have surfed a few times before. Is this the right lesson for me?
No matter what surfing level you are at we will help you get to the next stage. From beginner to advanced these lessons are aimed at giving you new tips on how to make your surfing better.
We have a group of friends. Can we book a private group lesson?
Groups are great, learning or advancing with your friends is a great way to learn.
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