Surfing on Land Training.

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
Our on land training sessions are focused on helping you gain better understanding of body rotation when progressing on your surfboard. Using a SmoothStar Surf Training our coaches are able to teach you how to generate speed, Surf posture, balance and body rotation when learning top to bottom turns and vice versa.

As you progress on the SmoothStar you will learn wave simulation and understanding the different sections of a wave and how to get the most out of the wave.

These training sessions are not only beneficial and vital for the fast progression of your surfing but they are super fun too, with the coaches giving you on land SmoothStar exercises to do you then hop back on your surfboard and you are able to implement what you have learnt on land straight away in the water and you will feel the difference in your surfing almost instantly.


What you will learn

  • Correct surf posture
  • Controlled balance.
  • Foot Positioning.
  • Speed generation.
  • Body rotation (when turning)
  • Weight distribution.

I have never skated or been on a SmoothStar before, is that going to be a problem?
If you have never been on a SmoothStar or a skateboard before that wont be a problem at all as we will show you the correct way to ride a SmoothStar and if you have ridden a skateboard this wont give you an advantage either as a SmoothStar is a Surf Trainer not a skateboard so it is ridden in a completely different way.
I have surfed a few times and am starting to do turns, is this the class for me?
The best time to start learning how to ride a SmoothStar is once you have learnt to turn as this is when you progress from the pop up and are able to pay attention to what your body needs to do in order to start directing the board. Once you do some on land surf training you will be able to relate it to your surfing.
We have a group of friends some at different surfing levels, are we able to still book a class all together?
Yes you sure can book a group lesson. We are able to set up different activities depending on your ability and the coach will move through the group help each student progress no matter what level they are at.
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