Surf Video Analysis.

Video. Record. Analyse. All Surfing Levels.

Dedicated to developing your surfing, our coaches can help you improve your technique, style and positioning. Surf analysis is one of the most effective tools to help you progress and grow as a surfer. Our program is designed to film each wave, break down the footage, followed by a one on one feedback session with our coaches.

Our video sessions are 1 hour in duration. We use ultra 4K cameras and 600m lenses with steady trip pods so your surf footage is not shaky. We film in slow motion so it is easy to review the footage. If clients wish we provide the options for filming of up to 3 other friends for the same cost.

Our feedback session are focused on helping you to clearly understand what you need to focus on to progress to the next stage of your surfing. Our Chix surf coaches assess the primary areas of development which can include board positioning, body rotation, weight distribution and reading the waves.

We breakdown this down in simple and easy steps to allows you to understand your feedback. Using Surfers Eye, we provide voice over content and slow motion to visually show our clients their wave analysis. Over time we build a library of footage for you play back at any time. We provide analysis and special surf technique exercises that you can use in the comfort your own home.

At the conclusion of each session you will be provided with –

  • Surf specific exercises catered to your needs.
  • Take home video footage. This is a valuable to tool which will enable you to continue reviewing and self critiquing your surfing.
  • A good understanding of how you connect with the water and what ways you can improve to enable you to bet in a better rhythm when you are out in the water.

If it is more convenient for our clients, students can supply video footage and send us video footage on YouTube or Vimeo links. We can then just supply the surfing analysis.

What sort of equipment do you use?

We use professional high quality 4K cameras with a range of lenses ranging from fish eye lenses to telephoto zoom lenses. We can get right up close to surf technique to show the details required. For video analysis component, we use surf video sports software which we can record the coaches voice over and diagrams.

Example of video analysis.

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