Surf & Sustainability

Summer School Holiday Clinic


A unique program teaching the beauty of surfing and the basics of how to stand on a board or how to progress to the next leve. 

Surf education that is fun and empowering!!!!


Surfing is about connecting with nature and our impact on our environment. We have a fun program that will teach the girls all about plants, soils, composting and recycling to help protect our oceans and it’s coastlines.


Give your child the opportunity to find their rhythm in the ocean by learning how to read the ocean. They will feel confident and in control no matter what the ocean has to offer .

Surf Sessions

The girls will learn how to pop up and ride waves with control and style, how to turn and even do manouvers. This clinic is for girls of all levels and with our highly trained coaches we will get them loving their surfing and wanting to learn more.


The simplicity of painting a pot, making soil out of compost and planting a seedling of your choice will connect these girls back to mother nature. 

A program designed to teach our young generation about our environmental impact and how to live more nature friendly.


We are so proud to be partnering up with Kimbriki Eco House & Garden to give the girls an incredible opportunity to learn about how to create soils, planting seedlings for the season, composting and bring life back to pots with paints and imagination. Surf inspired creativity you get to take home!!!

To see more about this amazing place check out the link below



JAN 20TH-24TH 2020

TIME: 10AM – 3PM

LOCATION: Mona Vale, Warriewood & Kimbriki Eco Garden.


EQUIPMENT: We will provide equipment for girls who have not got boards or wetsuits.

FOOD: Food & drink will NOT be provided, please make sure KIDS have a big lunch and drink bottle for each day.

SURFING ABILITY: This clinic is for beginner, intermediate and advanced surfers.

AGE: 9yrs old to 15yrs old.

SWIMMING ABILITY: All students must be able to confidently swim in the surf unassisted.

MINIMUM BOOKING: This is a 5 day progressive clinic so kids must book for all 5 days.

Sustainable creativity

A clinic where the girls will walk away with a new found understnading for our coastline and their very own painted tile and pot filled with the soil they made and the plant they selected to take home and grow. 

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