Surf education & ocean wellbeing

SmoothStar & Wave Simulation.

Surfing, SmoothStart, Ocean wellbeing

What it includes:

  • Monday to Thursday: SURFING –  Ocean talk, surf technique training, surf session, pool training
  • Monday to Thursday: SMOOTHSTAR – board positioning, speed generating, wave simulation, upper body rotation.
  • 5 hours per day
  • Price is per day (minimum of 4 days)

Dates: 15th – 18th April 2019
10am – 3pm

Where: Newport Beach, depending on the surf conditions location may change to mona Vale

Activities include:

  • Surfing
  • Pool Training
  • Ocean education
  • Body Movement
  • Surf technique


Dear Parent…

Our fun Easter school holiday program is for beginner, intermediate and advanced surfers 
focusing on surf technique and progression to allow the girls to have a great understanding of all aspects of surfing. This program incorporates the art and skill of surfing, the understanding of body movement, learning to read the ocean and how the conditions of the day can benefit each girl and to explore their concepts of surfing in a safe, fun and positive environment by being around other likeminded girls.

The Chix team are very excited to be running this program as we know from previous years it helps girls develop their surfing skills and their understanding of the ocean, as well as looking into how they can express themselves through the use of their bodies and minds. This program is all about helping children express themselves, implement strategies to build resilience and celebrate what makes each child unique.

The ‘Surf & SmoothStar Easter Holiday Clinic’ is all about putting together a group of girls who are similar ages and surfing abilities so they can go out there, have fun and learn something new during the Easter holidays. This clinic is core to surf progression not just in the water but on land, using our ‘Chix Kids program’ the girls will gain an all round understanding of how to surf, paddle, rotate, compress and read the water.

Gee Cormack

Chix Founder


  • Surf technique
  • Ocean wellbeing
  • Wave catching
  • Pool Training


Our Surf training program is a unique program put together to allow our girls to understand all aspects of surfing so once the clinic is finishes they have a great understanding of what they need to do to progress and what particular skills are relevant to their surfing style. We personalise each session to help every one of the girl feel confident and strong in the water, to be able to do this we mix not only catching waves but also paddle practice, board management, breathing, body movement, ocean education to help them fall in love with all aspects of surfing.




  • body positioning
  • upper body rotation,
  • generating speed
  • wave simulation

Chix Surf School is lucky enough to have one of the worlds best On Land trainers as one of their coaches. Gee Cormack (along with her highly trained staff) will be teaching the girls all about the importance of correct body movement to allow their surfboards to work the way they want them too. With a well put together program our coaches are able to give the girls exciting and fun activities that will help them understand how their bodies work and what they want the board to do.

We also will teach them about wave formation and timing whilst riding through a wave simulation to get the best outcomes in the water. These wave simulations are for Beginner to Advanced and are so much fun for the kids they wont want to leave.




If there are any questions about the clinics, please email or call 0407 071 771.

My child has never surfer or ridden a SmoothStar before, will the holiday program cater to all abilities?
The Surf & SmoothStar Easter holiday program is for all girls of all surfing levels, as long as your child has a basic understanding of the water and is able to stay afloat we will be able to cater to their level. We are a school that focuses on being hands on with the kids and making sure each one is learning and catching waves.
Does my child need to have their own equipment?
Not at all, our coaches will provide all the girls with any equipment that they need to be able to take part in all the activities.

If they have their own equipment we do always encourage them to bring it so we can help them learn how to use their own stuff better.

Do your coaches have working with children clearance?
All of our coaches have gained a clearance to work with children through having a WWC Check so you can trust your children will be safe and well looked after by our staff.
Does my child need to have their own SmoothStar?
We will provide the girls with SmoothStar boards and helmets if they don’t have their own.
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