Surf Clinics and Camps

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

This year we are excited to bring you a series of amazing Surf Clinics, up and down the East coast, combining surf coaching, on land surf training and important health and wellbeing topics that we know many women want to incorporate into their lives to be fit, healthy and happy.

As you will see, some of our clinics feature a special guest female coach who loves to surf too and offers amazing holistic health services such as yoga, nutrition and fitness. We are SO EXCITED to offer you these amazing clinics which we know you will LOVE!!

Check out each of our clinics and make sure you book soon, as we know these will sell out fast. 

What you will learn

At Chix Surf School we focus on surf progression and getting you to your dream surfing ability, whether it is just standing up, riding along a wave, doing turns, riding a barrel or just being out there and having fun with your friends. We have put our surf clinics together to cater for all levels of surfing from beginners to the advance rider. Things you can expect to learn:

  • The correct technique of standing up.
  • Controlled paddling and timing.
  • Reading and catching waves.
  • How to turn and generate speed.
  • How to incorporate land training and your surfing.

Our coaches are very passionate about what they do and will motivate you to step a little out of your comfort zone to allow your surfing to naturally progress in a way that will benefit you for a lifetime.

Check out some of the previous clinics we have done to see what it’s all about and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Upcoming Clinics

 Surf & Yoga, 18th – 20th May


Do you need to have your own equipment?
We would like to encourage people to use their own equipment to ensure they are familiar with their board. However, if you are a beginner and need to borrow equipment we can arrange this prior to the camp.
What does the on-land training involve?
We use surf trainers which look like a skateboard but have different trucks and are specifically designed to mimic your movement in the water. We will teach you how to ride and use these surf trainers.
Will we have access to the video footage after the camp?
Yes! We will provide you with a link on where you can access the footage at anytime.
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