School holiday Surf & SmoothStar Clinic 20/21

Teen 13-17yrs: 7th-10th Dec 2020.  10am-3pm

Young 8-12yrs: 14th-17th Dec 2020.  10am-3pm

Young & Teen 8-14yrs: 18th-21st Jan 2021. 10am-3pm



Dates: 7th – 10th (Teen 13 – 17yrs) December 2020

14th – 17th (young 8 – 12yrs) December 2020

18th – 21st (young & Teen 8 – 14yrs) January 2021.

Times: 10am – 3pm Monday to Thursday.

Location: SURF – North Curl Curl Beach.  ON LAND –John Fisher North Curl Curl Netball Courts.

Price: 4 x $125 = $500

Abilities: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

Equipment: we can provide all equipment needed for girls who dont have any.


Surf Lessons…

Each day during the surf session the girls will learn a new element to their surfing. Weather it be fine tuning their pop up, different paddle techniques, breath control, reading the waves or learning manouvers the girls will walk away with a much greater understanding of their surfing.

Reading the Ocean…

Being able to read the ocean and understand the patterns of the waves is something that takes years to learn. In our clinics we teach our girls that surfing is 50% technique and 50% reading the ocean. 

Throughout each session we teach the girls the basic elements to reading the waves.


On Land training…

Each day during the On Land training the girls will learn all about surf technique and breaking down the different sections of wavers.

Weather it be foot positioning, generating controlled speed, learning to do turns or understanding body movement these girls will learn new tricks that will instantly show in the water.

Pricing per day
$125 per day

Bookings must be made for the 4 days. Maximum of 16 students for the clinic.



My child has never surfer before, will the holiday program cater to all abilities?

The holiday program is for all girls of all surfing levels, as long as your child has a basic understanding of waves and feels confident and is independant in the ocean then we will be able to cater to their level.


No matter what level of surfer you are there are always so many elements to your progression. 

During our 4 day clinic we will be breaking down each stage of surfing and reading the ocean so that our students have a clearn understanding of what our bodies need to do to be able to ride a wave with flow, power and control. 

They will be able to break down sand banks, understand swell direction, see the different types of winds and tides andbe able to visualise riding a wave. 


Through education we allow girls to feel more confident and positive in the water and this allows them to progress in a fun and encouraging way.


We have limited spots available for our 4 day clinic so make sure your get your daughters name down before we book out.

Only 16 spots available !!!!!!