Pool Training

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

These training sessions are not only beneficial and vital for the fast progression of your surfing but they are super fun too, with the coaches giving you guidance in what you need to fix and how to control and move faster you are able to implement what you have learnt in the pool straight away in the surf and you will feel the difference in your surfing almost instantly.

Our pool training is all about teaching you to have a stronger and more controlled paddle when catching waves or trying to get out the back. We also teach board management and the correct technique to either the turtle roll or the duck dive.

If you have ever struggled to time your paddling with the movement of the waves or getting through the sets then this is the class for you.


What you will learn

  • Correct surf posture.
  • Controlled balance when paddling.
  • Correct paddling technique – stop start sprinting.
  • Correct breathing when paddling.
  • How to turtle roll.
  • How to duck dive.



1x person:  AU $80.00

2 x people: AU$60.00 per person

3 x people or more: AU$50 per person

same as adults

I have never done pool training before so is this for me?
The great thing about pool training is that it is such an important part of surfing so this training is customised to what the client needs and if pool training is new for you then why not give it a go.
Im an advanced surfer so those this training work for surfers at my level?
It is very common that even at an intermediate to advanced level there are some fundamental technique issues that we can be doing wrong. With paddling being such a major part of our surfing it is key to our surf progression to master all aspects of our paddling and that is what these classes are all about.
What if i dont have goggles or flippers does that mean i cant do the class?
Dont worry at all we are more than happy to provide you with not only goggles but flippers and also a wetsuit and board if you need it
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