School term program

Term 1 & 4 surf program - TERM 4 BOOKED OUT


A unique program teaching the beauty of surfing and the basics of how to stand on a board or how to progress to the next leve. 

Surf education that is fun and empowering!!!!

On Land training

On Land training helps surfers gain a better understanding of surf positioning when riding a wave and body movement when doing turns or generating speed.


Pool training

Pool training is teaching the correct technique of paddling and board management. Learning different strokes for different surf conditions and managing breathing when surfing.




Surf Sessions

Our surf sessions are focusing on each individuals surfing ability and what they need to do to improve. With a full break down of the “pop up”, turning, board management, paddling and timing when catching waves these girls will love the term of surfing.

Surf Sessions

Surfing is not just about standing on a board, we must learn how to move our bodies in time with the waves and as waves are always different we must focus on breaking down each section of the waves and how our bodies respond.

On land training is the fastest and most fun way to progress with instant results.


Did you know surfing is about 90% paddling…

Our pool training sessions are carefully designed to help with all aspects of our surf technique from just lying on the board to paddling, sprinting, breathing, turtle rolls and duck dives. 

We feel that if you remove the intensity of a wave you can focus on technique and have faster progression so these pool sessions are a must in our kids program as they will become strong, confident surfers.

TERM 1 & 4 2020.


DATE: 17th Oct – Dec 19th 2020

TIME: 2:15pm – 3:15pm SATURDAYS

LOCATION: North Curl Curl Beach,  North Curl Curl netball courts, Mona Vale Beach.

COST: $550  PER TERM (10wk term)

EQUIPMENT: We will provide equipment for girls who have not got boards or wetsuits.

SURFING ABILITY: This program is for beginner to intermediate surfers.

AGE: 8yrs and up.

SWIMMING ABILITY: All students must be able to confidently swim in the surf unassisted.

MORE DETAIL: please email us at

 LIMITED SPOTS: We will have limited spots for these programs so please make sure you get your child’s name down.


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