Father & Daughter Lessons

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

The Father & Daughter lessons are aimed at allowing the father to help with the progression of their child’s surfing in a positive fun environment. From the basics of how to safely take the child into the water, to pushing them onto a waves using certain techniques which allows the child to progress and have fun learning how to surf and feel confident in the ability of their parents.

The techniques that we teach in this class help create a strong, safe and trusting environment for the father and daughter which allows them to create a relationship that is purely based around their enjoyment of the sport and their passion for the water. This will give the father skills that he is able to continuously use during the progression of their child’s surfing experience.

So if your looking for an activity to do with your kids then come join us and be part of the fun.


What you will learn

  • The correct technique of standing up.
  • Controlled paddling and timing.
  • Reading and catching waves.
  • How to turn and generate speed
  • Riding whitewash and/ or unbroken waves



$30 per extra child

I'm not a very strong swimmer...can I learn to surf?

If you are not a strong swimmer and you and your daughter are wanting to learn together then this is a great way to do it. Having a coach there to help guide you through the steps of learning how to surf in a fun and safe environment is ideal for the family.  It is very important when teaching your child how to surf that you are safe and confident in the water so these lessons would be great for you.

I have surfed a few times before. Is this the right lesson for me?

It always helps if you have a basic understanding of how to surf as it will allow you to find it easier to assist with you child’s surfing progression.

We have a group of friends. Can we book a private group lesson?

Its always fun to do these lessons with other fathers and daughters as you are able to share in the fun of the sport with friends. It also allows the kids to play and learn together and for the fathers to share in the joy of watching their little ones surf.

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