Body Movement


Surf style training designed to help you connect with your body and create strength & flow on land and in the water.  


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Our Goal

We believe to reach your ultimate surfing goals whether it be ripping on a shortboard, gliding on a longboard or just having fun in the whitewash you need to understand your body and what it needs to do in the water so that you are not only getting more waves but riding them for longer and most of all having FUN!

High performance coach & short board surfer Gee Cormack with 13 yrs coaching experience and ex professional athlete and Mid length/ Longboard specific coach Ash Browne with her 8 yrs coaching with a background in Fitness and yoga have put together a program that will allow you to have a true understanding of the body and mind when it comes to surfing.

These programs are fun, educational and cater for surfers of any level. If you are out there on a board you will benefit from this program.


Flow, Strength, Power

Using programs that are solely based on helping your surf technique, you will learn how to connect your upper and lower body, isolating different body parts to gain a better understanding of rotation and board control but also one of the most important things is being able to move in the water with speed and power.

6 Weeks

We have put together a 6 week program aimed at teaching you how to be more controlled, flexible and body aware when moving in the water on your surfboard.



Come join us at Freshwater beach on Wednesday’s  for a sunrise body movement class starting at 6am then head into the water for a swim before starting your working day.

6AM – 7AM


Our Body Movement program is a unique program specifically designed to get you feeling more confident out in the water by connecting with your body.



These programs also allow you to meet other like-minded women who love to surf and are part of the surfing community. To share the mornings with women who love the ocean just as much as you do is priceless.


All you will need for this program is :

. Yoga mat/ Towel     . Drink bottle

. Fitness clothes    . Swimmers.



This program is designed for surfers of all ages , all styles and all abilities. With exercises that either work your body with slow reps or hard with fast reps you can customise the program to what works best for you.

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced  

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